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Why we refurbish

Computers are rather like cars.
After only a few months people tell you that they're "out of date" and are only worth a fraction of the price you paid.

Yet with a quick 'MOT' they'll do a great job for years to come. Business may have finished with these machines but, providing you're not desperate for this months latest features, they're great for casual use at home.

The prices we charge are ideal for first time users.
Students will find our PCs invaluable for homework and assignments.

At KWW Computers Ltd there is a warm, friendly atmosphere and you'll be under no pressure to buy.  The advice is simple and will be explained carefully.  If you're not quite sure what you need drop in for a chat.

If you want to take an active part look on the volunteers page for more details.


We also build new PC systems to customer specifications.

Our commitment to donors:

We accept PC donations from Pentium 4 level. These will be refurbished and made available at low cost to local residents, groups and learners.