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eBay + shop sales

Take a look at our eBay listings for great bargains on laptops, monitors, components etc.

At out Bristol shop we also have a number of items, including spares for collection - see examples below: 

Item  Spring/Summer Sale



Laptop: E-Systems - Intel Celeron 2.20 GHz
            3GB RAM - 250GB HDD - Windows 7
used 130
Laptop:Toshiba Satellite C650 - Intel Celeron
             2.20GHz- 3GB RAM- 160GB HDD 64BIT
             Windows 7
used 150
Laptop: Toshiba Satellite A300 - Intel Celeron
            2GHz - 3GB RAM - 160GB GHz
               Windows Vista Home
used 140
Laptop: ASUS Netbook - Intel Atom 1.66GHz
         - 1GB RAM - 120GB HDD - Windows 7
used 100
Laptop: Disney Pink+White Netbook - Intel Atom
            1GB RAM - 120GB HDD - Windows XP
used 180
Laptop: HP G56- AMD Athlon Dual Core 2.1GHz
            4GB RAM - 320Gb HDD - Windows 7
used 170
Laptop: Gateway- Intel pentium 2GHz
            2GB RAM - 100GB HDD - Windows 7
used 180
PC System:Hp Pavillion A640 - Intel Celeron
                  2.8GHz- 2GB RAM - 80GB HDD -

                Windows Vista
used 110
PC System:Acer Aspire - Intel Pentium 3GHz
                  1GB Ram- 160GB HDD Windows
used 150
PC System:HP M100 - AMD Athlon 2GHz
                  3GB RAM - 160GB HDD - Windows
used 160
PC Sysytem:Generic Tower - Intel Pentium
                    3.20GHz- 1GB Ram- 160GB HDD
                    Windows Vista
new 160
ADSL router:  NETGEAR Rangemax wireless router new 5
Cable router: NETGEAR Super-G wireless router new 5
PC Fans: various models (call for details) used 5
CD/DVD Drive: various models (call for details) used 5
LAPTOP KEYBOARDS: various (call for details) used 2.50