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"Took the laptop in when an accident with a cup of tea occurred... excellent friendly service and a quick repair... came back looking and working like new...choice was send it back to Acer and wait a few months or take it to KWW Computers and wait a few days - no competition really , cheers defo recommend ! " CE

"Laptop was knackered... thought it was unfixable was about to buy a new 1 but took it to KWW Computers just to see if there was anything they could do with it... and for the sake of 25 its as good as new...good job !! " AM   
"Computer broke .... typical woman knows nothing about them either lol... took it to KWW Computers... did a very good job at fixing it for a very reasonable price... was happy to get my pc back... wasn't waiting long either...... defo recommend !!!!!! "  NM